Central European Advisory Group
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2-hour Free Legal and Business Consultation

Inquire today about our 2-hour free legal and business consultation on whatever interests you.

  • Do you have a question concerning corporate law (e.g., the rights and obligations of managers and statutory bodies)?
  • Are you considering implementing a more effective system for the administration and collection of your company's receivables?
  • Do you have questions about contractual documentation with Czech and international business partners?
  • Do you have a question concerning court or legal proceedings?
  • Do you need regular monitoring of Czech and EU legislation?
  • Are you concerned that your business partner or commercial relations might declare bankruptcy and you don't know how to protect your company?
  • Are you considering an investor for your business or weighing the possibility of purchasing another company?

During your consultation, we will answer these and other questions which are important to your company. You have the chance to address any topic that interests you, any issues you need to resolve.

After your free consultation, you will see that working with an external legal and business consultant is very effective way to support your business.

Should you be fully satisfied and desire to maintain consultation services or assistance in administrating and collecting receivables, arrangements can be made to fit the requirements of your company.