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Real Estate and Construction Law

Real Estate and Construction Law

We provide our clients with all legal services connected with real estate, including sales, purchases and leases. CEAG further ensures legal services within the framework of investment projects and building control.

  • pre-agreement advisory service (negotiating the conditions of the transaction, vetting the origin of the real estate and even the contractual partners)
  • assistance in negotiating the conditions of the agreement and other documentation, their preparation and revision (in particular transfer agreements, exchanges, pledges, easements and rights of usage, purchase options)
  • construction rights, utilities, negotiations with the pertinent administrative bodies and authorities
  • renting the property
  • settling common property of marriage and shares of co-ownership in relation to the real estate
  • representation in disputes over legal interests and leasing rights to the property
  • representation in matters of construction, cadastre, taxation and related proceedings

Once an offer is pronounced it is difficult in the course of negotiations to alter it; therefore, it is always advantageous to check the origin of the real estate and even vet the contractual partners (risk management audit, legal due diligence), and that on both the national and international level. In connection to this, an emphasis is placed before all else on the commercial and financial context of the negotiations with the goal of minimizing the financial burden on the client. Being aware of such information, the client can be forewarned of tactical and technical mistakes during negotiations with the other side.

Contact: JUDr. Pavel Koelsár, Ph.D.